Field Trip on Living Labs and Smart Cities

- A special event by FNF Korea and KLID -
living lab field trip
Field Trip Living Labs

On November, 30 2018 FNF Korea and the Korea Local Information & Development Institute organized a field trip for the foreign speakers and some special guests from the "Living Labs & Smart Cities" event.

From the speakers hotel the trip first let to the SeWoon Plaza Redevelopment Site an mixed-used building complex from the late 60s that has seen many redevelopment attempts since the 1980s. Mr. Ji Eun Whang from the Universtiy of Seoul presented her own project at the site before showing participants further projects to engage citizens that have evolved within the complex in the last years.

After a lunch that was filled with many enlightening conversations, the trip continued on to the Sungdaegol Living Lab, a community of people attempting to help lessening the impacts of climate change and develop ways of living a more sustainable life. After a presentation from So Young Kim, one of the members, and a short walk to some of their most important buildings of the "village" the trip was wrapped up successfully leaving everyone with some interesting and enlightening experiences.

Field Trip Living Labs Group Picture