FNF Korea visited the DPRK in May

fnf korea

A delegation of FNF Korea visited the DPRK in early May. Like many other organizations,  FNF Korea's work in the North was negatively affected by the difficult political environment of the last years. The trip was an important step to fully resume the work in the DPRK that has already begun over 15 years ago.

During the stay, FNF had numerous political meetings to discuss the recent incredible changes on the Korean peninsula as well as recent developments in Germany. Furthermore, discussions with the Ministry of Land and Environment Protection took place to plan the future cooperation.

Since January 2018 the Korean peninsula has seen some rapid changes after years of political gridlock. It is difficult to predict how the current rapprochement will develop in the future but FNF Korea remains hopeful that the two Koreas will increase exchanges and develop its friendly relations further.