The Impact of Digital Transformation on the Ageing Society

fnf korea

Digital media and means of communication permeate everyday life and change it in an irreversible manner. They simplify and accelerate processes to the point that only one tap is needed on a mobile device. The key to these achievements is digital competence, which young people in particular have become proficient at. To what extent does this affect the human rights of older persons and how can digital inclusion be shaped in these rapid transformations?

On November 26th, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom organized the international seminar on “The Impact of Digital Transformation on the Ageing Society” with ASEM Global Ageing Center, at Somerset Palace in Seoul.

fnf korea

The welcoming remarks by Christian Taaks, Head of FNF Korea, was followed by a presentation, held by Janina Stiel from the German National Association of Senior Citizens’ Organizations (BAGSO). She cautioned against the disadvantages of digitalisation of public services for non-users when using (municipal) services, i.e. public transport and banks. Furthermore, she advocated for support and funding of volunteer-initiatives.

Thereafter Klaus Niederländer, Director of the Ambient Assisted Living Association, argued that proactive end-user involvement in projects is helping bring and promote solutions to the mark, which addresses the needs of users. Thus improving the quality of life for older persons and their networks, increasing the efficiency and sustainability of support and care systems, and strengthening the industrial base in Europe.