Platforms for Policy Design

- A Working Group organized by FNF Korea and Intree 4.0 Association -
Working group with Intree 4.0

On November 17, 2018 FNF Korea in cooperation with the Intree 4.0 Association held a Working Group on Platforms for Policy Design at the comfortable conference room of the KPMG in Seoul.

After a short introduction of the working group by In-Suk Kim, Mr. Han Ku Park, president of the Intree 4.0 Association and Christian Taaks, Head of FNF Korea, held a short presentation to provide participants with some useful background information. The following Q&A session allowed the audience to get further information on the topic before the five workgroup leaders shortly presented their groups with topics varying from education over platforms for manufacturing and the public sector to smart cities and farms. Finally, after another Q&A session, this time towards the group leaders, participants selected the workgroup they wanted to work with.

Lunch which provided everyone with a short break and the chance for some networking was then followed by two rounds in which the workgroups got together before presenting the results of their discussions and giving some feedback.

The event was wrapped up successfully by a presentation of the summary of the agreed points. FNF is looking forward to more such fruitful working group events in the future.

Working group with Intree 4.0 group picture