Pop-Up Cinema: Sound of Berlin & Berlin Babylon

BERLIN NIGHTS 2019_30 Years Anniversary of the Fall
fnf korea

The fall of the Berlin Wall was celebrated on the weekend from November 7th to 10th. Photo exhibitions, special exhibitions, parties with renowned techno DJs from Germany, such as the founder of the Love Parade, Dr. Motte were organized. On Saturday and Sunday, a Pop-Up Cinema took place in Itaewon with typical German food, Currywurst with rolls and pretzels. The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom Korea was proud to support this unique cultural dialogue with Platoon Seoul.

fnf korea

On Sunday, November 10th, the documentary about Berlin's techno nightlife, “the Sound of Berlin” was featured. It is argued that the initially very experimental techno scene has contributed a great deal to the development of Berlin. Some say that Berlin is the best destination to go clubbing. Nowhere in the world is it possible to go anywhere and at any time to party. The film was followed by a documentary, “Berlin Babylon” about the reconstruction of Berlin at the end of the 1990s. With very powerful pictures and cuts, the destroyed parts of Berlin in the post-war period were captured. The planning and construction of unique landmarks, such as the Berlin Central Station, which shape the urban landscape in a distinctive way, were also depicted.