Sewoon Global Forum: Urban Manufacturing Next


More than 180 people joined in the “Sewoon Global Forum” on May 10 to assess the old manufacturing district area of inner city of Seoul, to discuss directions for urban regeneration based on urban manufacturing, and to explore its possibility of continuation as industrial heritage.

The Forum entitled ”Urban Manufacturing Next”, was coorganized by FNF Korea, Sewoon Campus of University of Seoul, and Center for Asian Urban Societies of Seoul National University.


In the first session, participants could reflect on urban manufacturing in Seoul; local speakers presented on the current status of the manufacturing network in Sewoon-Euljiro-Cheonggyecheon in the center of Seoul as well as its technological culture and creative identity from the past to the present.

In the afternoon, experts from abroad shared various international cases showing successful urban manufacturing and thoughts on the ways forward for the urban manufacturing in Korea.


As first speaker of the second session, Adrian Vickery Hill introduced a vision aiming to help cities to determine what their local economy should be making. Meanwhile, Adam Friedman explained how the ecosystems of New York City could continually attract entrepreneurs and renew the industries, create operating advantages that increase competitiveness, and provide the design talent, skilled workers and proximity to market that produce high value products that can survive in the city’s high cost environment.

Finally yet importantly, Christian Krug, expert on Industrie 4.0, offered insights on the future direction that urban manufacturing need to go; how it could tackle challenges from increasing digitization of society and industries.   

At the end of session, all speakers and general participants could enjoy very active and intense discussions on the presentations and related issues.